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tempat wisata pameungpeuk garut peta

Lodging Peak Darajat Garut is one place and tourist destination in Garut who were around the crater and Darajat Waterboom, Bath/Hot water swimming pool and good Outbound Outbound Outbound to or for a child/adult Family is Arrowroot Darajat Peak. Located in the most high in the Pasirwangi subdistrict of 25 km. Darajat is very close to the entrance gate to the PT.Chevron Geothermal Indonesia, Ltd. (Darajat)-Garut.

Unfortunately management of guesthouses and hotels in Top Darajat is still very conventional look of absence Rate and Publish a clear Rate for Coorporate troupe that will perform a Corporate Outing or a Family Gathering so many aspirants tourists taking a tour package in Darajat Pass or Package Tour to the Natural Rays Darajat.

Even though the capacity of the tourists to come and stay here is more than enough and includes most supplies and Luxury compared to its competitors like Darajat Pass Water Park and the natural Rays Darajat Awit.

Unfortunately the Owner still apply the family management and the rule doesn't fix so some Corporate Outing or Tour organizers and Travel which is the cutting edge of market services for Hotel and lodging rather less to recommend.

But the view is nice and fairly complete, unfortunately until now Owner has not implemented the one-stop management, so some of the Villa, Room, tourist Stalls and Outbound Waterboom, not terkondisikan and termanage in one command.

Hopefully future Peak Waterboom Darajat Garut who also has hotels and inns Top Darajat can further optimize natural resources and facilities to the maximum. This time the Blog Tour in Garut will provide some Video and photos of the rooms, the villa and the route towards the tourist Peak Waterboom Darajat Arrowroot.

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