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Mother's Day, It Remembered Ahok Monday,

Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama - Lyrics of the songs sung Iwan Fals be the answer Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama when asked about Mother's Day which falls December 22.

Thousands of pounds path you traveled
Skip hurdles for me son
My mother unfortunately still ongoing
Although footprints, bloody pus ...
As the air ... the love that you give
Not being able to avenge my ... mother ... mother

That piece Iwan Fals song titled Mother.

"If the mother, so he remembers me. Although not as severe as that song dinyanyin Iwan Fals to bleed and fester so. But it means that, Ms. like air," said the man who was familiarly called Ahok when met at City Hall, Monday (22/12 / 2014).

He always remembered the teachings given his mother, Buniarti Ning, to himself. To be honest, work hard, and do not need any pride in their work into something that is attached to him.

"So people tuh do not have to put on airs, do not be ashamed if you work honestly. Do not make the prestige want this job, these goods, for example, we sell cakes bring roving do not be shy, we do not have to be ashamed," he said.

Indeed, in celebration of Mother's Day nationally Ahok claimed never to use it as a Mother's Day. He always uses a typical day to express affection toward the mother.

"We never use Mother's Day, as Mother's Day. If the existing ordinary day celebrated Mother's Day at work there," he said. TEMPAT JUAL SEPATU SNEAKERS ONLINE TERPERCAYA | TEMPAT JUAL SEPATU SNEAKERS ONLINE TERPERCAYA | TEMPAT JUAL SEPATU SNEAKERS ONLINE TERPERCAYA

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